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Genetic engineering

Using a Wrench to Hammer Nails

A step in the biochemical pathway for soapy plant compounds comes from the “wrong” set of tools 

gene editing in single cells

A new combined method may finally give scientists a tool fine enough to probe life’s most nuanced processes


backcrossing wild-derived mice with lab mice infographic

A new mouse model enables research into the neural and genetic roots of social behavior, including reproduction and maternal...

Microglia cells, obtained using a mouse model developed by Prof. Stephen Jung’s team

A new kind of genetic switch can target the activities of just one type of brain cell

Bacterial colonies that express different metabolites
Getting bacteria to produce an algal substance means adjusting an entire gene network...
Prof. Emeritus Moshe Feldman
Prof. Emeritus Moshe Feldman developed innovative chromosomal engineering techniques and used them to...
Prof. Jonathan Gressel
Prof. Jonathan Gressel developed herbicide resistance methods for battling parasitic weeds such as witchweeds and broomrapes...
Prof. David Givol
Prof. David Givol spent a significant part of his career investigating the structure-function...
(l-r) Iris Margalit, Dr. Ilit Cohen-Ofri, Dr. Joanna Grzyb, Dr. Dror Noy and Dr. Jebasinga Tennyson. Custom-built proteins

Dr. Dror Noy plans to apply lessons from living plants to create better fuels

Going for Green
Institute scientists are advancing the search for better fuel