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Heart disease

What the Fish Heart Knows

Researchers uncover a see-through secret to heart repair

heat scarring

The small molecule reduces damaging inflammation and improves heart function in mouse models of heart attack


Zombie-like cells play a role in repair - if they are properly regulated


A joint venture of the Weizmann Institute of Science and New York University recently won first place in a competition for innovation in...

Wallach and cell missing housekeeping functions

Prof. David Wallach and his group reveal a protein that can kill a cell or save it

Two neonatal cardiomyocytes (stained red) undergoing cell division after treatment with NRG1. From the work of Prof. Eldad Tzahor

When a heart attack strikes, heart muscle cells die and scar tissue forms, paving the way for heart failure. Cardiovascular diseases are a major...

A chicken heart muscle cell under a fluorescent microscope; the filaments consist of repeated subunits (bright dotted lines). The schematic representation shows three neighboring filaments; the black lines are the boundaries of their subunits, such that the lower filament is aligned with the middle one, while the upper one is not
A new model shows that the filaments in heart muscle cells don't automatically keep the beat
Programmed Destruction

Results showing the same signaling enzymes can trigger two different...