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Heart disease

A chicken heart muscle cell under a fluorescent microscope; the filaments consist of repeated subunits (bright dotted lines). The schematic representation shows three neighboring filaments; the black lines are the boundaries of their subunits, such that the lower filament is aligned with the middle one, while the upper one is not
A new model shows that the filaments in heart muscle cells don't automatically keep the beat
Programmed Destruction

Results showing the same signaling enzymes can trigger two different...

Sculpture: Igor Mitoraj

Factors that direct the formation of the heart and face must network during embryonic development

Profs. Bernardo Vidne and Talila Volk. From human hearts to fruit fly hearts

After a career as a top cardiac surgeon, Prof. Bernardo Vidne decided to get a Ph.D. in science

Dr. Karina Yaniv. New growth

Dr. Karina Yaniv is overturning accepted theories on blood and lymph vessel formation.

Scientists Identify A Gene Causing A Fatal Heart Condition, Common In An Israeli Bedouin Tribe
A team of researchers from the Weizmann Institute of Science and the Sheba Medical Center has identified a gene causing...
Mechanism of Blood Pressure Regulation Clarified

A control mechanism for sodium channels in the kidneys may aid in formulating drugs for hypertension