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Lung cancer


Cancer alters cellular waste-processing machinery, helping it avoid detection by the immune system

Human lung cancer cells harboring the L858R mutation in the EGFR gene. Cell nuclei are in blue. The red color marks a protein that is present in the cell cytoplasm when the EGFR is active and driving the uncontrolled cell divisions

Weizmann Institute researchers identify a biomarker that may one day enable a subgroup of lung cancer patients to benefit from relapse-free...


How tumors mutate their way out of a crisis – and become drug resistant in the process

DNA repair mechanism. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A combined DNA repair score can reveal an individual’s chances of developing lung cancer

Prof. Avraham Amsterdam
Prof. Avraham Amsterdam revealed that theophylline, a widely used asthma drug, makes ovarian and lung...
Genetic Risk Factor

Weizmann Institute scientists discover a genetic risk factor for smoking-linked head and neck cancer

New Blood Test Uncovers Individual Risk for Lung Cancer

Smokers carrying a newly found genetic marker are 5-10 times more likely to fall victim to the...