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Nerve network

(l-r) Prof. Elisha Moses, Prof. Menahem Segal and Dr. Yaron Penn

Neurons may synchronize their oscillations to produce signals

The day after effect of brain activation: The brain image at the back presents spontaneous (resting state) patterns before an fMRI-based neurofeedback training session. The front brain image presents spontaneous (resting state) patterns a day after the training session, illustrating the long-term trace of the training

Weizmann Institute scientists discover that spontaneously emerging brain activity patterns preserve traces of previous cognitive activity

Autocorrelation showing the hexagonal grid structures of grid cells

Why does a group of brain cells fire in perfect hexagonal patterns?

Two-, three- and four-way retinal neuron interactions on viewing a natural scene
A new approach to researching groups of neurons may one day help us understand the “language” of the brain
Dr. Elad Schneidman

Dr. Elad Schneidman: "We are starting to connect the letters of the neurons' language into syllables; we hope to understand...

Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Weizmann Institute Scientists Create Working Artificial Nerve Networks
Dr. Uri Alon
How do 30,000 genes in our DNA work together to form a large part of who we are? How do one hundred billion neurons operate in our...