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Origin of life

Tiny droplets formed by peptides and RNA, viewed under a microscope

Recreating conditions that may have existed before the dawn of life, researchers watched droplets give rise to possible precursors of today’s...


How did amino acids start bonding to form proteins? Weizmann Institute of Science researchers bring their findings to life in their...


Weizmann Institute scientists disclose comprehensive evidence that life may have originated with lipid nano-scale particles

 Dr. Sergey Semenov

A new study focusing on the interactions between basic chemical materials may elucidate intricate patterns of evolution

(l-r) Dr. Omer Markovitch and Eran Hadas

A scientist and an artist create art that imitates the very beginnings of life

The origin of life, as shown by a simulated model based on lipid evolution

A new model suggests that life may have originated in lipid assemblies

Scientists At The Weizmann Institute Propose A New Theory To The Mystery Of The Origin Of Life

Prof. Doron Lancet of the Molecular Genetics Department and his students, developed a model, suggesting a new...