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Orly Reiner

Researchers used color-coded proteins to reveal the identity of the cells in the organoids they produced. In four organoids that simulate the embryo’s central nervous system, the magenta marks proteins associated with the development of the forebrain and the midbrain, the green, the hindbrain and the red, the center of the spinal cord

Researchers from the University of Michigan and the Weizmann Institute develop the first-ever complete central nervous system on a chip; it...

neurons in mouse brains

A study in mice suggests how an acute inflammatory immune response in pregnancy may be tied to autism spectrum disorders

organoid with folds

Keeping the tiny "brains" flat enabled researchers to follow the process of wrinkling, step by step 

Prof. Orly Reiner

Prof. Orly Reiner is the recipient of the Neuroscience Center of Excellence Chancellor Award, Medical School Louisiana State University, New...

Extra Copies of a Gene Carry Extra Risk
For Some Genes, Too Much is Almost as Bad as Too Little
Prof. Orly Reiner. In the right measure

Embryonic nerve cells must be "in shape" to get where they're going

Prof. Orly Reiner. Fateful Beginnings
At what stage in the development of an embryo does the brain begin to develop?  And what can go wrong? Prof. Orly Reiner of...