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Personalized medicine

Stem cells

Cells that are reprogrammed to become stem cells benefit when a protein complex is removed   

Joint Wellcome Trust – WHO Consultation on Transforming Nutrition Science for Better Health

World-leading scientists meet to stimulate new, cutting-edge research to improve lifelong health outcomes


Do probiotics facilitate the recolonization of gut bacteria? The answer is not so simple

disease chart

New developments in genetic databases will make it easier than ever to identify the molecular basis of disease

gut bacteria

The largest study of its kind supports the need for personalized dietary recommendations

 Metastatic melanoma cells. Image: NIH

Scientists can now begin to make sense of the way a deadly cancer develops

DNA repair mechanism. Image: Wikimedia Commons

A combined DNA repair score can reveal an individual’s chances of developing lung cancer

Weizmann Institute of Science and Clalit Health Services Will Collaborate to Advance the Field of Personalized Medicine and Improve Health Care Services

Weizmann Institute scientists, Clalit Health Services physicians and legal advisor, and information system experts from both organizations...

The Weizmann Institute of Science Receives 120 Million Dollars to Establish the Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for Personalized Medicine
The Weizmann Institute of Science is establishing, on its campus, the Nancy and Stephen Grand Israel National Center for...