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Sneaky RNA Tag Rendered Visible

Understanding exactly where this tag attaches will reveal new aspects of how our genes are regulated

neuron regeneration

Researchers identify a "switch" that is only active when nerves are injured

Gerst: cellular nanotubes

Researchers reveal how functional genetic instructions are passed from cell to cell

(l-r) Prof. Ido Amit and Prof. Amos Tanay

Weizmann Institute scientists have been chosen to participate in the international project to map every cell in the human body

(l-r) Prof. Rotem Sorek, Maya Shamir and Daniel Dar

A Weizmann team find new RNA switches for antibiotic resistance

Activity of a glucose-manufacturing gene in mouse liver tissue, viewed under a fluorescence microscope. A high concentration of mRNA (red dots) reveals that this activity is highest near a blood vessel (PP) that bathes the tissue in oxygen-rich blood, essential for glucose manufacture

Fits and spurts of gene expression help the liver cope with change

Stem cell colony with cells in the process of differentiation; from the lab of Dr. Jacob Hanna

Before anything else, a stem cell must first put the brakes on its “stem-cell” program

RiboSNitches: these RNA segments in the mother and father have slightly different sequences, but very different folding patterns

Folds in the RNA strands called RiboSNitches may affect protein function 

Yeast tRNA. Blue and gray are the anticodon end, purple translates to amino acid. Image: Yikrazuul via Wikimedia Commons

Translators in the cell help out when a teammate is in trouble