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Shahal Ilani

Close-up diagram of the quantum twisting microscope in action. Electrons tunnel from the probe (inverted pyramid at the top) to the sample (bottom) in several places at once (green vertical lines), in a quantum coherent manner

A clever take on the science of twistronics offers new ways of exploring quantum phenomena

Dirac Electrons Come Back to Life in Magic-Angle Graphene

A new symmetry-broken parent state discovered in twisted bilayer graphene

electrons flowing in graphene

The findings could help reduce resistance in electronic devices 

Electron crystal detection with a nanowire

A quantum solid, made of electrons, had been predicted but never before seen with imaging

Dr. Shahal Ilani

Dr. Shahal Ilani was awarded the Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research

Beneath the Surface

Surprises awaited physicists probing the “filling” of a unique “sandwich”

3-D rendering of real measured data of conductance through novel nanotube electronic devices

The attempt to create a crystal made of electrons led Dr. Shahal Ilani and his team to an advance in nanotube production

illustration: How “micro” can we go?
For decades, “thinking big” in electronics has meant the pursuit of smaller and smaller goals. Only a short while ago, for...