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Tsvi Tlusty

Correlations of droplet velocities (projection of velocities along x-direction) plotted against a pair of droplets' spatial separation in the x and y direction. Red stands for positive values signifying joint motion; blue stands for negative values signifying opposing motion

Tiny water drops flowing in oil reveal a new type of order

ouroboros love

A study of linkages between words in the dictionary reveals something about the basic structure of language

Dr. Tsvi Tlusty. Evolved for efficiency
Bacteria turn out to be models of industrial efficiency
Bacteria are Models of Efficiency
A mathematical model developed at the Weizmann Institute has revealed how single-celled organisms regulate...
When Off-Target is Right On

Unlike man-made computer components that are meticulously ordered on a chip, the molecules that make up biological 'computers'...

Prof. Sam Safran and Dr. Tsvi Tlusty

What makes molecular particles abandon a 'free-spirited,' disorderly existence in favor of a condensed, low-energy state?...