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Viral infection


New study reveals how high blood sugar makes lung infections worse; the findings may lead to a strategy for reversing this susceptibility...

Lung macrophages infected with the human cytomegalovirus. Cells harboring an active infection are in bright green

High levels of defensive proteins offer protection against a hostile takeover by herpes viruses

Upon infection, bacterial viruses (phages) release communication molecules that tell later phage generations whether it is preferable to attack their host cells or lie dormant

Viruses that infect bacteria communicate to coordinate infection

DNA invades the host cell through a star-shaped opening
A giant virus must be efficient to get its DNA into the host cell
Invasion Strategy of the World's Largest Virus
Weizmann Institute scientists reveal the invasion strategy of the world’s largest virus
Illusteration: HIV at the cell membrane
Lessons from HIV may help to treat the immune system
Prof. Ruth Arnon and Dr. Tamar Ben-Yedidia. Supervaccine

The uncannily devious flu virus, it turns out, has an Achilles’ heel

High-Level Biosafety Laboratory Established

A new biohazard lab will provide a safe research environment to researchers, hospitals and biomedical companies