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Yosef Shaul

(l-r) Dr. Gili Ben-Nissan, Prof. Yosef Shaul, Dr. Michal Sharon and Oren Moscovitz

How does the cell keep certain vital proteins from getting recycled?

clock illustration

Dr. Gad Asher wants to know why our bodies need clocks in every cell.

Prof. Yosef Shaul

Bio-Hep-B, a vaccine for hepatitis B based on Prof. Shaul's research, is produced by Biotechnology General and marketed in Israel

Prof. Yosef Shaul

Prof. Yosef Shaul was appointed Head of the Molecular Genetics Department.

Protein Teamwork Drives Damaged Cells To Self-Destruct
Researchers at the Weizmann Institute of Science have recently deciphered part of the cellular events underlying apoptosis --...
Prof. Yosef Shaul
Prof. Yosef Shaul wanted to be a scientist since his childhood in Iran