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Yoseph Imry

Prof. Yoseph Imry

Prof. Yoseph Imry


Prof. Yoseph Imry

Prof. Yoseph Imry: "Soon after the Weizmann Institute was founded, my friends and I rode our bikes from Tel Aviv to...

illustration: How “micro” can we go?
For decades, “thinking big” in electronics has meant the pursuit of smaller and smaller goals. Only a short while ago, for...
Prof. Yoseph Imry
REHOVOT, Israel -- May 26, 1996 -- Weizmann Institute Prof. Yoseph Imry, a leading expert in the...
World-Famous Physicist Arkady Aronov Remembered at Weizmann Institute Physics Symposium
REHOVOT, Israel -- January 7 , 1996 -- New developments in solid state physics will be discussed this week (January 8-12) at the...