Impact: Industry

Although the focus of the Weizmann Institute is on basic research, it is no mistake that the first technology transfer company in the country was founded at the Weizmann Institute, nor that one of the first industrial science parks in the country was established on its borders. The Institute’s impact ranges from the numbers of its graduates who have taken leadership and research positions in developing today’s high-tech industries, to the findings arising from Institute labs that have made the transition to commercial and industrial application.
Israel and the World

2,164 families of patents registered by YEDA Research and Development Co., Ltd. since its inception in 1959

37 companies were established on the basis of these patents in the last decade

37 billion dollars’ worth of sales of Weizmann Institute-based products (in 2017)

1941 First pharmaceutical company in Israel: Palestine Pharmaceutical Products, Ltd. was founded by Dr. Chaim Weizmann

1954 First computer in Israel (WEIZAC), would provide the basis for Israel’s high-tech industry

1997 Israel’s first ethical drug, Copaxone, received FDA approval