Impact: Education in Israel

Graduation Ceremony for the Rothschild-Weizmann Program for Excellence in Science Teaching
To create the scientists – and the science-savvy citizens – of the future, the Weizmann Institute has long been involved in all aspects of science education. The Science Teaching Department helps teachers and students keep up with current science through texts, curricula, websites and online communities, courses and research. The Davidson Institute of Science Education, the educational arm of the Weizmann Institute, offers a wide variety of formal and informal educational activities, with something for everyone.

350,000 Israeli students and teachers participate in educational programs at the Weizmann Institute each year. 


The Davidson Institute of Science Education offers more than 70 programs that inspire young people to build science into their future.

Some 98,000 students participate in activities offered by the Davidson Institute of Science Education through their schools
75,000 visitors participate in activities offered to the general public by the Davidson Institute of Science Education 
3,700 teachers are trained by the Davidson Institute annually

The Davidson Institute of Science Education’s online activities reach 3.4 million visitors.


The Clore Garden of Science is an outdoor facility designed to give children hands-on exposure to the excitement of science. 135,000 visitors explore the Clore Garden of Science every year.

The Rothschild-Weizmann Program for Excellence in Science Teaching offers masters degrees to Israeli math and science teachers. Since it began, 253 teachers have received an MSc through the program.

70% of the participants in the program are women; 25% teach in the Arab sector
Some 300 published textbooks published by the Science Teaching Department for secondary school students and about 100 published resource files for teachers and teacher educators, including on-line materials

National teacher centers established:Chemistry; Physics and Earth Sciences; Biology and Environmental Sciences; and Science and Technology for Middle School.


More than 3,200 students have participated in the Dr. Bessie F. Lawrence International Summer Science Institute.