Tree of Life, Hedva Ser, 1999, and the Y. Leon Benoziyo Institute for Molecular Medicine
In 1933, Chaim Weizmann envisioned a European or American-style campus, with buildings opening onto gardens, lawns and groves of trees. Today’s campus, with its architectural jewels sitting on lushly landscaped grounds dotted with outdoor sculptures, is a place that encourages creative thinking and discourse. The proximity of faculty housing to the research centers and childcare facilities helps faculty members to enjoy a full family life and a full research career.
1.1sq km (280 acres) campus area; 270,012 sq m built area

264 buildings, including research facilities, administration, housing, technical, public and shelters

24 buildings are designated for historical preservation, including the Daniel Sieff Research Institute, Charles Clore International House, San Martin Faculty Clubhouse and Weizmann House

5000 trees of 110 different species are planted around campus

5,300 cars drive onto campus on an average work day

4 artesian wells on campus feed into 2 systems of pipes: potable water for drinking and brackish for irrigation

2,500 faculty and staff

1,455 students and postdocs

350 students and postdocs live on campus
200 scientists live on campus