Community Outreach

The annual Science Festival brings thousands to the Weizmann Institute of Science
Science on Tap, talking about science over a cup of coffee or glass of beer
The Weizmann Institute of Science plays a prominent role in the community and the country. That is why the opening event of the first Israel National Science Day took place at the Institute in 2014. Lectures and various events for the general public are hosted at the Institute, in addition to the regular stream of visitors to the campus. And for those who don’t make it to Rehovot, events and activities from “Science on Tap” to PERACH tutoring sessions take place around the country.
Nearly 11,000 attend various scientific lectures given at the Institute for the general public, including lecture series, Café Scientifique evenings, the de Shalit and Katzir talks, culture and science evenings and meetings on bioethics

Over 50 bars, restaurants and coffee shops in Tel Aviv open their doors for the annual “Science on Tap” talks given by Weizmann Institute scientists 

Perach, a national program founded in 1974 at the Weizmann Institute, has matched 50,000 at-risk children with 21,750 university student mentors.

1,209 schools participate in PERACH 

Some 12% of all college students are PERACH tutors

The Sparks of Science Program in Memory of Moshe Pergament is a unique four-year enrichment program for Israel’s Ethiopian community, focusing on building skills in mathematics, computer science, chemistry, physics, biology, and English.

Over 300 high school-age students have graduated from the program since its inception in 2001.

3 main visitors’ sites on the campus:
The Levinson Visitors Center
Weizmann House
The Clore Garden of Science

Some 24,000 visitors a year to the Levinson Visitors Center

135,000 visitors explore the Clore Garden of Science each year

3,950 distinguished visitors to the Institute in 2014 included foreign national leaders, ambassadors and heads of top universities

Some 33,000 visitors a year to Weizmann house

Some 1,500 people take part each year in free guided tours of the Institute offered on Fridays to the general public on one of 4 subjects: Sculptures, Architecture, Trees, or History and Art

8 art exhibits, open to the public, were on display on the Weizmann Institute campus in August 2018