Academic Structure

The Daniel Sieff Research Institute


From the original department – organic chemistry – the Weizmann Institute has grown to encompass all the natural and exact sciences. The departments, and the research groups in them, are purposely kept to human dimensions, which encourages scientists to cross their boundaries – both to engage in cross-departmental research and to forge paths to new areas of scientific exploration.


5 faculties, 18 departments:
Faculty of Biology


Biological Regulation

Molecular Cell Biology


Life Sciences Core Facilities


Faculty of Chemistry

Chemical and Biological Physics

Earth and Planetary Sciences

Materials and Interfaces

Organic Chemistry

Structural Biology

Chemical Research Support


Faculty of Biochemistry

Biomolecular Sciences

Molecular Genetics

Plant & Environmental Sciences

Life Sciences Core Facilities


Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science


Computer Science and Applied Mathematics


Faculty of Physics

Particle Physics and Astrophysics

Condensed Matter Physics

Physics of Complex Systems

Physics Core Facilities

Department of Science Teaching
5 schools in the Feinberg Graduate School: The André Deloro Research School of Physical Science; the Solo Dwek and Maurizio Dwek Research School of Chemical Science; the Lorry I. Lokey Research School of Biochemical Science; the Ekard Research School of Biological Science; and the Moross Research School of Mathematics and Computer Science 
280 Laboratories
90 Donor-funded Centers and Institutes
3 Core Facilities
The Scientific Council of the Institute consists of all of the full professors and the associate professors of the Institute as well as a number of representatives of other academic ranks and representatives of the student body.
The Council of Professors of the Institute, consisting of all the full professors, makes recommendations to the President and the Executive Board on all promotions to professorial grades and permanent appointments to the ranks of Senior Scientist and Senior Research Fellow.