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Ada Zamir, 1972

Nobel Prize winners and trail blazing research have all been part of Prof. Ada Zamir's career

Dr. Daniella Schatz and Prof. Assaf Vardi

Are tiny packages of cellular material helping the algal cells or the viruses that infect them? 

Dr Daniella Schatz

A viral infection in marine microorganisms has consequences for the entire planet 

Seagoing research team (l-r) Uri Sheyn, Dr. Miguel Frada, Shlomit Sharoni, Daniella Schatz, Dr. Assaf Vardi and Dr. Yoav Lehan

Dr. Assaf Vardi and his Weizmann team joined a month-long research cruise to study the life cycle of a tiny microorganism

Scanning electron microscope image of Emiliania huxleyi superimposed on a MODIS satellite image of an E. huxleyi bloom in the Barents Sea from 27 July 2004. Satellite image courtesy of Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA; Inset SEM photo by Steve Gschmeissner, Photo Researchers, Inc.
Tiny phytoplankton are key to the oceans' health – as well as our own
Prof. Mordhay Avron
Prof. Mordhay Avron isolated and investigated the single-cell alga, Dunaliella, which is able to survive in extremely harsh...
Going for Green
Institute scientists are advancing the search for better fuel
Human (left), Dunaliella (center) and mouse (right) enzymes

Dead Sea bacteria and kidneys share an enzyme structure for salt tolerance