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Alon Chen

cultured Cultured nerve cells that have been inoculated with RNA-bearing viruses. This RNA targets the CRF stress response, reducing gene expression

What happens when the body is unable to turn off the stress response? 

Leptin receptor positive neuron in the mouse hypothalamus
Mice lacking the protein stayed slim, even on a high-fat diet.
Dr. Alon Chen

Dr. Alon Chen was awarded the Hans Lindner Prize by the Israel Endocrine Society (2011).

Overexpression of PKMzeta in the insular cortex. A merged picture of a neuron stained with GFP (green), PKMzeta (blue), and NeuN (red)
Memories can be either enhanced or erased through the manipulation of a certain protein.
Turning off Stress
Weizmann Institute scientists reveal the actions of a family of proteins that "turn off" the stress response. Their findings...
Fluorescent microscope photo of mouse cortical nerve cells (neurons) in culture infected with lentiviruses that express green fluorescent protein. From the lab of Dr. Alon Chen

What genetic and neural mechanisms give rise to our personality? Which fine tune our sexual behavior? What code programs a...

Weizmann Institute scientists discover: A Gene that Ties Stress to Obesity and Diabetes

Dr. Alon Chen of the Weizmann Institute’s Neurobiology Department and his research team have now...