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Amino acids


How did amino acids start bonding to form proteins? Weizmann Institute of Science researchers bring their findings to life in their...

Algorithm-generated comparisons among the genomes of cells from 450 tissue samples: The analysis revealed a striking similarity (red colors, upper right rectangle) in tRNA signatures among cancerous cells and healthy dividing cells, as well as a degree of similarity among the non-dividing cells (red colors, lower left rectangle), whereas no such similarity (blue) was found when dividing cells were compared with non-dividing ones

Synonyms in the gene code spell differences in cell division

Prof. Ephrain Katzir, 1916-2009
Professor Ephraim Katzir passed away on Saturday, May 30, 2009
Found in Translation

Genetic synonyms may encode the same amino acids, but the results are not always identical

The First Genetic Word

What was the first genetic "word?" It starts with a G...

More Nutritious Potatoes Produced

Increasing the levels of an essential amino acid could help prevent malnutrition