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Ayelet Erez

immune cells in cancer

A possible cause for cancer resistance to immunotherapy could be reversed

Laboratory analysis of a mouse brain shows the enzyme ASL (purple) prominently expressed in the locus coeruleus in the brainstem

Deficiency of a common substance could be linked to cognitive and behavioral problems

Mouse embryonic stem cells

Remodeling the power plants known as mitochondria are key to stem cell differentiation

Dr. Ayelet Erez

Dr. Ayelet Erez is the recipient of the Bruce and Ruth Rappaport Foundation Prize for a Young Scientist

nitrogen in malignant and normal liver

Tests show that too little of this basic element is as problematic as too much 

Cross-section of the inner lining of a human gut adjacent to a cancerous tumor

The findings suggest that boosting signals in certain cells and not in others might even help treat colon cancer 

Dr. Ayelet Erez

Dr. Ayelet Erez has been awarded a Krill Prize for Excellence in Scientific Research

Ayelet Erez

A lack of the protein citrin slows children's growth; blocking it in cancer slows tumor growth

Mutations shed light on cancer

In children, lack of a protein causes a dangerous disease. Why do cancer cells suppress the same protein?

Bone marrow EPCR+ hematopoietic (blood-forming) stem cell in an anticoagulant niche

How does the body keep replenishing the supply of blood cells all our lives? Two pathways must work together