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The future of fuel? Image: Thinkstock

The sequence will help researchers design better means of recycling waste and producing biofuel

Electron micrograph of bacteriophages Image: Dr Graham Beards, Wikimedia Commons

The beneficial bacteria in our guts are open to attack from viruses

Drs. Rotem Sorek and Adi Stern. Bacteria's Achilles heel

Autoimmune disease in bacteria: The finding could lead to new kinds of antibiotics.

Dr. Rotem Sorek. Reading between the lines
Dr. Rotem Sorek wants to turn microbial secrets to human advantage
Electron microscope images of a yeast (Candida albicans) (top) and bacterial (Staphylococcus aureus) (bottom) cell, before (l) and after (r) treatment with synthetic lipopeptides, which damage their cell membranes

Combining natural protein fragments could help defeat antibiotic resistant pathogens

Joining Forces
The 'resistance movement' founded by bacteria to combat antibiotics may be losing ground. By combining key properties of two...
Left to right: Prof. Ed Bayer, Jonathan Caspi, Rachel Haimovitz, Ilit Noach, Alon Karpol, Hadar Gilary, Dr. Ely Morag and Dr. Yoav Barak. Designer cellular machinery
A new version of an old cellular machine might help decompose garbage
Deinococcus radiodurans
What gives a bacterium the ability to withstand 3000 times more radiation than humans?...
 Survival of the Neatest
Stress makes some proteins get themselves in order
DNA Crystals Help Bacteria Respond to Stress
DNA becomes remarkably organized in bacteria that are subjected to various conditions of stress, Weizmann Institute scientists...