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Biomolecular computer

NOR logic gate. If two transcriptionfactors are missing, green light is emitted

A biological device made of DNA inserted into a bacterial cell works like a...

DNA Computation Gets Logical at the Weizmann Institute of Science
An advanced program for the world's smallest computers, made of DNA and other biological molecules, enables them to ‘...
Prof. Ehud Shapiro
Prof. Ehud Shapiro of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel, has been named Research Leader in the field of...
Prof. Ehud Shapiro

The World Technology Award for Biotechnology was given to the Israeli scientist for innovations in biological...

Prof. Ehud Shapiro and Yaakov Benenson

Benenson to be honored September 29-30 at Technology Review’s Emerging Technologies Conference at MIT


Dr. Roy Bar-Ziv. Gene circuits

The first prototype of an artificial circuit that hooks up genes outside the cell is produced in a Weizmann lab

Biological Computer Diagnoses Cancer and Produces the Drug -- in a Test Tube
Weizmann Institute scientist’s vision: Microscopic computers will function inside living tissues, performing...
Clockwise: Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Prof. Zvi Livneh, Dr. Tamar Paz-Elizur, Ph. D. student Yaakov Benenson and Dr. Rivka Adar. Guinness World Record

DNA is not only the "software" of the world's smallest computing device, it's also the fuel

A Trillion Computers In A Drop Of Water

Scientists build a nanoscale computing machine using biological molecules

Weizmann Institute Scientist Designs The First General-Purpose Mechanical Computing Device To Serve As The Basis For A Biological Computer
The first general-purpose mechanical computer designed for biomolecular and pharmaceutical applications has been developed by...