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Cell suicide


  How do a handful of marine microorganisms live through a major crash?

A three-dimensional reconstruction of the mitochondrial volume: The volume is larger (yellow and red) in blood-forming stem cells lacking MTCH2 (right), and relatively smaller (blue and green) in regular blood-forming stem cells

The wake-up call for blood stem cells comes with a jolt of energy  

Diatom cells expressing ROS-sensitive proteins in the nucleus (green) and chlorophyll (red)

Ocean plankton turn a toxic byproduct into a sophisticated stress indicator

Bacterial Booby Traps Revealed

Toxin-antitoxin gene pairs make a quick suicide mechanism for bacteria facing viral invasion

The tips of two adult fruit fly testes, viewed under a confocal microscope, are filled with dividing germ cells (green). About one quarter of these germ cells die by an alternative death pathway called germ cell death (pink and red)
A newly discovered cell-death pathway could help fight cancer
The two faces of BID. When duty calls, it leaves the cell nucleus to initiate cell suicide. Illustration: Elite Avni

How does one protein direct two different life-or-death activities in the cell?

(l-r) Sharon Reef and Prof. Adi Kimchi. One gene, two methods
One gene encodes two versions of a protein -- each initiates a different cellular suicide program
Cell 'Suicide' Gene Linked To Metastasis
REHOVOT, Israel - November 13, 1997 -A Weizmann Institute of Science study reported in the November 13 issue of Nature...

World media report: A crucial step in the chain of events leading to cell suicide may lead to new treatments

Breaking Up a Super Relationship
REHOVOT, Israel -- June 14, 1996 -- A key enzyme that acts as a "suicide weapon...