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Chemical Physics

Profs. Lucio Frydman and Gershon Kurizki and D. D. Bhaktavatsala Rao. Minimal force

A unique collaboration demonstrates how to heat tiny particles just by measuring them

Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman was appointed first Director of the Nancy and Stephen Grand Research Center for Sensors and Security

Prof. Eli Pollak

Prof. Eli Pollak was appointed Head of the Chemical Physics Department

(l-r) Tamar Yelin, Roy Kazaz, Dr. Oren Tal, Regev Ben-Zvi and Ran Vardimon. Moving through molecules
Dr Oren Tal creates electronic components from single molecules
Structure of GroEL, a barrel-shaped molecular machine found in bacterial cells that helps proteins fold; from the lab of Profs. Gilad Haran and Amnon Horowitz


The role of solitary molecules in electronics is likely to grow as the size of components continues to shrink...

Distribution of skeletal proteins in an artificial membrane resembling a long bacteria: The spontaneous curvature of the proteins (purple) drives them to move together to form rings that coalesce, increasingly constricting the membrane
"Multidisciplinary research" takes on new meaning in one student's work
Prof. Zeev Luz

After 50 years in science, Prof. Zeev Luz hasn't lost his love of teaching

Weizmann Institute Scientists Show: Quantum Systems Could Flout Physics Law

Scientists in the Weizmann Institute’s Faculty of Chemistry, together with colleagues in...

Dr. Nir Gov. The physics of fingers, hair and spines
Physics helps explain the formation of spines and bumps on specialized cells