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Chemical Physics

First Glimpses of Folding Proteins

A new technique for following a single protein molecule reveals individual styles in folding

First Sightings of Individual Proteins as They Fold
Proteins, it appears, have taken Frank Sinatra's "I Did It My Way" close to heart. A new study published in the current issue...
NMR - The Movie
Ten construction workers will often get a job done faster than one.  But in digging a deep well, for instance, ten workers are...
Prof. Amnon Horovitz and Dr. Gilad Haran (left to right).

The next big challenge: understanding how proteins fold

Prof. Gershon Kurizki

If you observe something in frequent "glimpses," can you freeze its motion? In the quantum world, you might actually speed it...

Zeno's Quantum Paradox Reversed: Watching A Flying Arrow Increase Its Speed
Is motion an illusion? Can 'glimpses' freeze radioactive decay?
Prof. Ron Naaman

Prof. Ron Naaman recalls the days when a child could pry apart a radio to see how it works

Science Without Frontiers: A Light on Tomorrow's Technology

Chemists from widely varied fields are pooling their knowledge to create new kinds of light-based information storage

New Method for the Separation of Isotopes

First Practical Application of a Textbook Concept Bridging the Gap Between...

Centers of Excellence: Laser Chemistry

Laser control of chemical reactions is the focus of a new Center of Excellence