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Dan Tawfik

Birth of an Enzyme
Scientists succeed in designing artificial enzymes that also undergo 'evolution in a test tube'
Prof. Dan Tawfik

Prof. Dan Tawfik received the Weizmann Prize from Tel Aviv municipality.

BioLineRx In-Licenses Two Additional Drug Candidates

Company expands therapeutic pipeline to fourteen by signing four in-licensing agreements in...

WOWing the Crowds

A method based on living cells could speed up protein searchs from years to days

 WOWing the Crowds
With a new method scientists can identify novel protein molecules in days rather than months
Encounter built for two. Dr. Roy Bar-Ziv and Dr. Dan Tawfik

When Biological Chemistry Encounters Materials Science: Dr. Roy Bar-Ziv joined Dr. Dan Tawfik to see if evolution – which has...

The 3-D structure of the PON1 enzyme. The main section, in red, is the scaffold of the enzyme and is responsible for PON1’s primary function, while the blue and gray segments can undergo mutation and endow PON1 with additional, promiscuous functions

In the high-stakes game of evolution, some proteins hedge their bets

Weizmann Institute Scientists Show how Proteins Beat the Evolutionary Stakes

A team of scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science has shown one way that evolving organisms beat the...

Drs. Dan Tawfik and Amir Aharoni. Pondering PON

Why are some people less prone to heart disease or neuronal damage? An elusive protein named PON might be the answer