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Dan Tawfik

 Prof. Dan Tawfik, Dr. Mikael Elias, Korina Goldin and Alon Wellner

How do bacteria cope with toxins that resemble nutrients?

Rejecting Arsenate

Institute scientists reveal how bacteria living in toxic environments identify and expel the poison


Engineered Enzyme Protects against Nerve Gas

“Natural selection” in a test tube improves the enzyme efficiency by a factor of thousands

Weizmann Institute Scientists used Accelerated Evolution to Develop: Enzymes that Provide Protection Against Nerve Gas
Protection against nerve gas attack is a significant component of the defense system of many countries around the world....
Three-dimensional structure of an enzyme, serum paraoxonase (PON1), which has been mutated in the lab of Prof. Dan Tawfik through directed evolution to endow the enzyme with new functions

From solving the structure of crystallized proteins to creating computer simulations of protein dynamics, Institute scientists...

Prof. Dan Tawfik. Saving mutations
Protein "babysitters" could speed up evolution in the lab
The enzyme’s structure (blue), revealed via X-ray crystallography, closely matches its computer design (gray). The yellow structure in the center is the substrate molecule the enzyme acts upon
Evolution in a test tube takes enzyme design to a new level
What We Are Doing About: Alternative Energy
Creating environmentally friendly fuel from trash might be the ultimate recycling feat
Going for Green
Institute scientists are advancing the search for better fuel