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David Mirelman

Silence of the Amoebae

Weizmann Institute scientists render a disease-causing pathogen harmless

Allicin Wonderland

Weizmann Institute Scientists “weaponize” an antibody to deliver continuous attacks on cancer cells

Prof. David Mirelman. On target

The challenge: to selectively kill cancer cells while leaving healthy ones intact

Illustration: genetically engineered plants became resistant to disease
Research conducted at the Weizmann Institute helps protect the planet’s plant life from potentially detrimental changes in...
Alliin and Alliinase mechanizm: When Alliin encounters the Alliinase, the resulting reaction turns the normally inert alliin molecules into lethal allicin molecules, which penetrate and kill the tumor cells. Due to the precise delivery system, neighboring, healthy cells remain intact.
A new method selectively kills cancer cells, leaves healthy ones intact...
David Mirelman
Prof. David...
Christopher Reeve Meets with Elad Wassa, who survived the May 19, 2002 terrorist attack in Netanya. Mr. Reeve is in Israel for a four-day visit.
"The curiosity and thirst for knowledge of the scientists at the Weizmann Institute of Science bring hope for a...
Prof. David Mirelman and his research team. Antisense
"Silenced" amoebas could lead to a vaccine against their aggressive brethren
Ahuva Mirelman. Fire and Light

Ahuva Mirelman's paintings reflect intense feelings

Step by step documentation of "midwife"-assisted amoeba reproduction

Weizmann Institute scientists discover: Amoebas use "midwives" to reproduce