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Deborah Fass

Mucin (magenta) in the inner lining of a mouse colon, viewed under a microscope

Proteins in our “smart slime” take in potentially toxic ions and deliver them safely to cells, Weizmann Institute researchers have shown...

Making Heads and Tails of Mucus Assembly

Discovering the molecular elegance of a sticky substance we take for granted may lead to better protection against infections and inflammation...

Profs. Eitan Bibi and Deborah Fass. Working in the wet
Proteases shouldn't work in the cell membrane. But they do.
Dr. Deborah Fass. Protein portrait

Scientists reveal the shape of a tool used by a leukemia-causing virus to enter cells

Catching a Sneak

Weizmann Institute Scientists reveal the shape of a protein that helps retroviruses break into cells

(l-r): Dr. Ilan Levy, Dr. Deborah Fass, Einav Gross, Maya Bar, Tamir Klein, Roy Sirkis, Nimrod Heldman

Numerous breakthroughs in the fields of genetics and biochemistry have led to the recognition that protein folding in the cell is a highly...