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Ehud Shapiro

(l-r) Dr. Tuval Ben Yehezkel, Prof. Ehud Shapiro and Tamir Biezuner

Programmable devices made of biological molecules can identify exact DNA sequences in living cells

NOR logic gate. If two transcriptionfactors are missing, green light is emitted

A biological device made of DNA inserted into a bacterial cell works like a...

Prof. Ehud Shapiro, Dr. Rivka Adar, Adam Spiro and Noa Chapal-Ilani

Do chemotherapy drugs miss a hidden reservoir of cancer cells?

 Leukemia cells. Image: Wikimedia commons, NIH

Research led by Weizmann Institute scientists shows why leukemia often returns

Top: Dr. Noa Chapal-Ilani and Yitzhak Reizel. Bottom: Drs. Rivka Adar and Shalev Itzkovitz, and Profs. Nava Dekel and Ehud Shapiro

Tracing the lineages of cells resolves some outstanding questions in biology

Mouse cell lineage tree. Oocytes are in red, bone marrow stem cells in yellow, demonstrating that the two form separate clusters with only a distant relationship

A new method is helping to resolve controversies and answer some open questions in biology. 

DNA Computation Gets Logical at the Weizmann Institute of Science
An advanced program for the world's smallest computers, made of DNA and other biological molecules, enables them to ‘...
New Technique Gets to the Root of Cancer

Weizmann Institute Scientists’ New Technique Gets to the Root of Cancer - Rehovot, Israel - July 16, 2008...

A Better DNA Molecule

Weizmann Institute Scientists Build A Better DNA Molecule

Repeating Genes

Scientists at the Weizmann Institute, using computer simulations, have...