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Joel Sussman

Drs. Dan Tawfik and Amir Aharoni. Pondering PON

Why are some people less prone to heart disease or neuronal damage? An elusive protein named PON might be the answer

Deciphering Gaucher's Disease

New finding may lead to more effective – and affordable – treatments

X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug

A study of an Alzheimer's drug's activity reveals why lower doses might be just as effective

X-Rays Yield Mechanism of Alzheimer’s Drug
A team of Weizmann scientists has gained new insight into the effects of a newly approved drug, rivastigmine, in...
Prof. Joel Sussman, Prof. Ephraim Katzir, Prof. Sara Fuchs, Prof. Mati Fridkin. Top: Dr. Michal Harel, Dr. Moshe Balass, Dr. Tali Scherf, Dr. Roni Kasher

Catching a snake toxin in the act may yield a host of medical applications

 Dr. Gitay Kryger, Prof. Israel Silmam, and Prof. Joel Sussman

Scientists attempting to catch an enzyme in action got unique 3-D footage of radiation damage, instead

X-Rays May Show The Way To Better Alzheimer's Drugs
Weizmann Institute scientists have elucidated the means by which a plant substance blocks a key brain enzyme involved in...
From Ancient Wisdom to Modern Drug
X-ray crystallography reveals how a moss used in Chinese medicine inhibits an enzyme implicated in Alzheimer's disease...