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A green fluorescent-labeled protein serves as a marker for autophagy. Autophagy occurs when the protein accumulates within the relevant organelle (left); when diffused throughout the cell (right)

Fatty molecules are made-to-order when a piece of essential cellular machinery is needed 

(l-r) Prof. Zvulun Elazar, Tomer Shpilka and Hilla Weidberg. Construction details

The proper assembly of a recycling compartment is critical for the life of a cell.

(l-r) Prof. Eitan Reuveny, Ayelet Cooper, Liora Guy-David and Dr. Adi Raveh. Gear shift

A mechanism for closing a nerve cell’s channels can instantly shift from slow gear to slamming the door shut

Distribution of skeletal proteins in an artificial membrane resembling a long bacteria: The spontaneous curvature of the proteins (purple) drives them to move together to form rings that coalesce, increasingly constricting the membrane
"Multidisciplinary research" takes on new meaning in one student's work
High resolution scanning electron microscope image of a tectorial membrane

An inner ear membrane is both flexible and rigid

Step by step documentation of "midwife"-assisted amoeba reproduction

Weizmann Institute scientists discover: Amoebas use "midwives" to reproduce

Biological Sensors Devised by Institute Scientists

A new, highly sensitive biosensor may detect drugs or explosives