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Messenger RNA

Gene editing. Image: Shutterstock

Newly discovered editing rule may be exploited to correct genetic defects

The Homebody RNA

Why does some RNA stay in the nucleus rather than rushing off to make proteins? 

Gene expression of schizophrenia-related genes. 1,028 genes with very similar expression profiles are shown, one to a row, and 480 samples are arrayed in the columns. Red-to-blue shows the strength of the gene's expression level, red being stronger

New research reveals a cluster of genetic “typos” that may increase the risk of schizophrenia

RiPS (RNA-induced pluripotent stem) cells grow long, nerve-cell-like extensions when moved to a new substrate
A new finding might help bring the medical use of stem cells one small step closer to...
Careful actin regulation keeps the cell in shape

How an essential cellular protein regulates its own levels

Shooting The Messenger
The age-old appeal to avoid 'shooting the messenger' is apparently left unheeded by the body's protein regulation system....