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Molecular Cell Biology

Genes that slows cell division

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover: A Group of Genes that Slows Cell Division and Prevents Cancer

(l-r) Sharon Avkin, Leanne Toube, Prof. Zvi Livneh and Dr. Ziv Sevilya. Healthy compromise
A newly discovered molecular security mechanism puts a limit on...
Prof. Benjamin Geiger.

A new international project combines nanoscience and mechanics with biology in a new approach to biomedical research

(l-r) Dr. Erez Dekel and Prof. Uri Alon. Evolution in a test tube

Survival of the fittest in the lab: 300 generations of bacteria evolve to cope with test-tube conditions

A New

Research answers question: Why do nerve cell bundles “camp” near the invasive front of colon cancer tumors?


Dr. Uri Alon. Cell circuits

Glowing eerily in the lab, molecular “traffic lights” reveal a sophisticated, living information-processing system

Prof. Avri Ben-Ze’ev. Silence of the genes

A protein that signals cells to stick together might help prevent, and even reverse, metastasis

Newly Uncovered Genes
Two newly-discovered genes could help scientists understand how cancer progresses and the genetic basis of anemia
Back (l-r): Students Nadav Kashtan, Ron Milo and Shalev Itzkovitz. Front: Dr. Uri Alon. Nature’s motifs

Some patterns repeat themselves in all sorts of natural networks, from genes to food chains

Dr. Uri Alon
How do 30,000 genes in our DNA work together to form a large part of who we are? How do one hundred billion neurons operate in our...