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Molecular Cell Biology

Cellular Short Circuit Causes Insulin Resistance
Future treatments for diabetes may correct the underlying causes of this prevalent metabolic disorder rather than just treat its...
Sticking Together to Thwart Cancer

Neighborliness among cells can prevent cancer

Bioinformatics Network for Eastern Europe and Asia
REHOVOT, Israel -- March 31, 1997-- Scientists throughout Asia and Eastern Europe will soon be able to plug into the vast...
Fitness Test for Hormones
From pregnancy to potency, hormones are involved in regulating basic body functions. It is, therefore, often crucial to know...
Centers of Excellence: Gene Targeting

A new Center will offer cutting edge gene targeting techniques to four research groups

Can the Amplifier Be Turned Off?
The growth of breast cancer and other malignancies is spurred by a molecular "amplifier" that augments signals...
High-Level Biosafety Laboratory Established

A new biohazard lab will provide a safe research environment to researchers, hospitals and biomedical companies

Immune System Decline in the Elderly Probed
Age bone marrow cells are implicated in the decline in thymus function