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Molecular Cell Biology

rewriting DNA illustration

New Weizmann Institute technology speeds up DNA “rewriting” and measures the effects of the changes in living cells

(l-r) Profs. Benjamin Geiger and Joachim Spatz

A biologist and a materials scientist create a new approach to understanding living cell mechanics

Cover illustration: the zebrafish stress response

A unique ON-OFF switch in the brain controls a main stress hormone

Neuron cover

Both parts of the mechanism – ON and OFF receptors – are encoded in the same gene.

Non-polarized cell six hours after seeding onto a compliant fibronectin-coated substrate. Yellow shows paxillin, a protein associated with focal adhesions

Sticky cells take their cues from the surface they adhere to

Prof. Varda Rotter

Prof. Varda Rotter was elected as the President of the Israel Society for Cancer Research (ISCR).

(l-r) Prof. Varda Rotter, Dr. Eldad Tzahor, Dr. Ariel Rinon, Alina Molchadsky and Dr. Rachel Sarig. Migration regulation

A gene that protects us from cancer is also involved in the timing of a crucial stage of embryonic development.

Prof. Varda Rotter

Prof. Varda Rotter was appointed President's Advisor for Advancing Women in Science

RiPS (RNA-induced pluripotent stem) cells grow long, nerve-cell-like extensions when moved to a new substrate
A new finding might help bring the medical use of stem cells one small step closer to...
(l-r) Dr. Perry Stambolsky and Profs. Varda Rotter and Moshe Oren
Weizmann scientists celebrate three decades of research into the p53 tumor supressor research