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Molecular Genetics

How the Nose Knows
Whether sniffing flowers, fresh-baked bread or the fumes of a passing automobile, the human olfactory system is an...
Life's Twists and Turns
Communication between physicists and biologists is leading to new insights into DNA...
Blocking Autoimmunity Naturally

Rheumatoid arthritis, juvenile diabetes and psoriasis are all examples of autoimmunity, a condition in which the...

Lost in Cyberspace? Take GeneCards

The GeneCards website makes order in the labyrinth of data on human genes

New Delivery System May Improve Gene Therapy
REHOVOT, Israel - December 3, 1997 - In the genes of an organism, as in real estate, location is key. The functioning of any gene...
Muscle-Bound Cells
For most of us, building up muscle comes from long hours at the gym. A recent study by Dr. Talila Volk of...
Rebif Spells Relief

Clinical trials of the multiple sclerosis drug, Rebif, are proving its effectiveness

 A Molecular Radar
Molecular "radar" developed at the Institute enables scientists to track the progress of  messages within a living cell...
Potential Weight-Loss Drug May Be Linked to Adult Diabetes
REHOVOT, Israel -- November 15, 1996 -- Leptin, the protein that made headlines two years ago when it was...
Too Much of a Good Thing

Too Much of a Good Thing


A major feature of Parkinson's...