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Molecular Genetics

A developing eye of the fruit fly (left) is connected by the optic stalk to the optic lobe in the fly’s brain

Institute scientists discover an entirely new form of transportation inside nerve cells

(l-r) Standing: Sharon Kredo, Dr. Tali Melkman Zehavi, Roni Oren. Sitting: Dr. Eran Hornstein, Natali Rivkin, Amitai Mandelbaum

A newly discovered step in insulin production could give researchers new tools to deal with diabetes

Prof. Yoram Groner
Genetically engineered human SOD, manufactured based on Prof. Yoram Groner's research, is now undergoing clinical trials
Prof. Yosef Shaul

Bio-Hep-B, a vaccine for hepatitis B based on Prof. Shaul's research, is produced by Biotechnology General and marketed in Israel

Prof. Michel Revel

 A drug developed  by InterPharm Laboratories Ltd. was first isolated and cloned by Prof. Michel Revel.

Darwin’s Finch and the Evolution of Smell

Sequenced zebra finch genome hints that smell may play a role in the birds’ communication


How Tendons Shape Developing Bones
Bones, muscles and tendons work together to provide the perfect balance between stability and movement in the...
(l-r) Dr. R’ada Massarwa, Prof. Ben-Zion Shilo and Dr. Eyal Schejter. On the secreting edge
A unique cable system directs substances to the exits of secretory cells
Mouse embryo skeleton showing sites of initial bone formation (stained red) and cartilage (green and blue), which will later be replaced by bone
Do developing organs give each other directions?