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Molecular Genetics

(l-r) Shari Carmon, Dr. Vera Shinder, Prof. Ben-Zion Shilo, Rada Massarwa and Dr. Eyal Schejter. Unraveling cell fusion
Embryonic cells must merge to form muscle fiber
Doubly Safe Activation
A team of Weizmann Institute scientists show that the immune system employs “dual key” activation to launch a potent...
(l-r) Sharon Reef and Prof. Adi Kimchi. One gene, two methods
One gene encodes two versions of a protein -- each initiates a different cellular suicide program
Bones Hold the Key to Blood Renewal
Though we think of them as solid and permanent, our bones are actually constantly being rebuilt throughout our lives. A team of...
Dr. Yitzhak Pilpel. Gene team
If gene activities were football games, the substitute players would come from the nearest basketball team
Backups for the Gene Team
Weizmann Institute Scientists discover how substitutions are made for injured genes
Molecule Mechanic

Attaching a microscopic bead to a four-way DNA  junction enables scientists to catch a molecular motor in action

A Matter of Taste

"Optional"  genes might explain our differences in taste and smell perception

Call in the Taste Tailors

Why taste and smell differ among individuals – and how industry may profit

Newly Uncovered Genes
Two newly-discovered genes could help scientists understand how cancer progresses and the genetic basis of anemia