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Molecular Genetics

Profs. Bernardo Vidne and Talila Volk. From human hearts to fruit fly hearts

After a career as a top cardiac surgeon, Prof. Bernardo Vidne decided to get a Ph.D. in science

Wild type yeast cells (l) exhibit changes in the membrane pump proteins under different nutrient conditions, while yeast engineered to avoid repressing one transporter type (r) show no change

Why do cells keep two pump systems for nutrient uptake?

Weizmann Institute Scientists Discover How Cells Brace for Starvation

Why do cells have two different pump mechanisms for nutrients?

Cells growing under normal (l) and starvation (c and r) conditions. The green spots indicate an autophagy protein that is normally diffused in the cytoplasm, but is recruited to form autophagosomes in response to stress

A cell’s decision to commit suicide involves an exchange of information between two suicide mechanisms

Prof. Jeffrey Gerst and Rachel Kama

When the CLN3 gene is mutated, molecular traffic patterns are disrupted in the neurons.

Colony of mouse embryonic stem cells, stained blue and green

Dr. Jacob Hanna is revealing the secrets of stem cells, including their potential to treat disease

Unraveling Batten Disease

Experiments with a yeast gene reveal what goes wrong in a degenerative childhood disease. 

The patterns on these butterfly wings are perfectly scaled, even though they are different sizes

How does a growing, developing organism keep everything in proportion?

Scale Models

How do organisms keep everything in proportion as they grow and develop?

Danit and Einat Finkelshtein

Some sets of twins even study science together.