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Molecular Genetics

Prof. Jeffrey Gerst and Rachel Kama

When the CLN3 gene is mutated, molecular traffic patterns are disrupted in the neurons.

Colony of mouse embryonic stem cells, stained blue and green

Dr. Jacob Hanna is revealing the secrets of stem cells, including their potential to treat disease

Unraveling Batten Disease

Experiments with a yeast gene reveal what goes wrong in a degenerative childhood disease. 

The patterns on these butterfly wings are perfectly scaled, even though they are different sizes

How does a growing, developing organism keep everything in proportion?

Scale Models

How do organisms keep everything in proportion as they grow and develop?

Danit and Einat Finkelshtein

Some sets of twins even study science together. 

(l-r) Standing: Einat Levy, Dr. Liat Rousso Noori and Eynat Finkelshtein. Sitting: Prof. Hilla Knobler, Dr. Alon Chen, Prof. Ari Elson and Dr. Yael Kuperman. Sensitivity

Scientists reveal how mice lacking the PTPe protein consume fat and stay slim.

Dr. Elazar Zelzer

Dr. Elazar Zelzer received the Scientific Council Prize for the Life Sciences from the Weizmann Institute’s Scientific Council (2011).

Leptin receptor positive neuron in the mouse hypothalamus
Mice lacking the protein stayed slim, even on a high-fat diet.
Drs. Rotem Sorek and Adi Stern. Bacteria's Achilles heel

Autoimmune disease in bacteria: The finding could lead to new kinds of antibiotics.