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Nerve cell

(l-r) Prof. Eitan Reuveny, Ayelet Cooper, Liora Guy-David and Dr. Adi Raveh. Gear shift

A mechanism for closing a nerve cell’s channels can instantly shift from slow gear to slamming the door shut

A developing eye of the fruit fly (left) is connected by the optic stalk to the optic lobe in the fly’s brain

Institute scientists discover an entirely new form of transportation inside nerve cells

Prof. Orly Reiner. In the right measure

Embryonic nerve cells must be "in shape" to get where they're going

Wrap Stars
A newly-discovered means of nerve cell communication may point the way to treatments for neurodegenerative disease...
A Long and Winding Road

Nerve cell need long-distance messengers to carry calls for help following injury

Nerves, Heal Thyselves

Injured nerves use a unique "track and engine" system to get their message to the nerve cell center

Prof. Irith Ginzburg.

 A faulty wheel in nerve cell "carriages" might be responsible for tangled axons in Alzheimer's and Parkinson's diseases...

The Sting

A deadly killer could be a life-saver in disguise

Too Much of a Good Thing

Too Much of a Good Thing


A major feature of Parkinson's...