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Physics of Complex Systems

(l-r) Dr. Enrique Alvarez Lacalle and Prof. Elisha Moses.

A physicist's mathematical model might help tell us what makes good reading, and how to communicate effectively...

(l-r) Vardit Eckhouse, Prof. Asher Friesem, Prof. Nir Davidson and Liran Shimshi

A method for combining multiple lasers creates a single beam that is both powerful and sharp

(l-r) Dr. Erez Dekel and Prof. Uri Alon. Evolution in a test tube

Survival of the fittest in the lab: 300 generations of bacteria evolve to cope with test-tube conditions

Prof. Gregory Falkovich. New spin on a basic law

Scientists discover new twist on an ancient law of physics

Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar. Stability in chaos
Where can chaos coexist with islands of stability?
(l-r) Prof. Irun Cohen and Prof. Eytan Domany. Profiling the immune system
An immunologist and a physicist team up to reveal the "fingerprints" of autoimmune disease...
Wet Scans

Encapsulating delicate biological samples in a special polymer enables them to be seen under an electron microscope in their natural state

Molecule Mechanic

Attaching a microscopic bead to a four-way DNA  junction enables scientists to catch a molecular motor in action

Dr. Uri Alon. Cell circuits

Glowing eerily in the lab, molecular “traffic lights” reveal a sophisticated, living information-processing system

Bring On the Rain

A new formula for predicting rain factors in whirling droplets