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Physics of Complex Systems

Genes that delay cell division exhibit reduced levels of expression (left) after exposure to a second, delayed pulse of growth factor. Those in cells receiving a single pulse (right box) maintained high expression levels

A gene that keeps cell division in check may hold clues to chemotherapy resistance. 

Eight Hours of Resistance

Why do cancer cells easily give in to the temptation to divide?

Ion trap in the lab of Dr. Roee Ozeri

Weizmann Institute scientists set a new record for measuring magnetic vibrations using the spin of a single atom: 100 times more accurate than the...

Dr. Dan Oron

Dr. Dan Oron received the Morris L. Levinson Prize in Physics from the Weizmann Institute’s Scientific Council (2011).

Ricky Rapoport Friesem. Poet laureate

The former head of the Institute’s Communications Department is now winning prizes for her poetry.

Two-photon autofluorescence image of a live cell incubated with gold nanoparticles, superimposed on a simple transmission image of the cell

The properties of materials on the nanometer scale could revolutionize everything from microscopy to solar collectors.

Prof. Victor Steinberg

Prof. Victor Steinberg was chosen as an Outstanding Referee for the Physical Review and Physical Review Letters...

Prof. Nir Davidson

Prof. Nir Davidson was elected Fellow of the Board of Directors of the Optical Society of America (OSA)

Scanning electron microscope images of guanine plates from a silver spider. Arrow on top points to sandwich-like structure with amorphous guanine filling between two guanine crystals
A normally dull white material becomes a silvery reflecting surface under the right conditions
Prof. Asher Friesem
Prof. Asher Friesem was among the first in the world to become involved in the technology of planar optics. In this technology,...