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Physics of Complex Systems

elastic waves

An elusive predicted phenomenon was finally observed

each point in a carefully designed nematic elastomer sheet deforms along its pre-programmed direction

What do unique liquid-crystal materials and wrinkle formation have in common? Dr. Hillel Aharoni investigates

Dudovich and group

A new approach to measuring electrons’ quantum states looks at the tail end of their escape 

Fast and Slow Measurement: Revealing the Shape of a Pulse

Two ultrafast pulses, measured together, create a kind of shape-revealing hologram 

cyanobacteria reveal developmental pattern

Physicists and biologists team up to show that even the simplest biological developmental patterns may require some noise to be formed

Ulf Leonhardt

What happens when you accelerate in a quantum vacuum? Analyzing ripples on the water’s surface provided proof for the answer

Optical image of a graphene device

Electrons in a “viscous flow” surpass conductivity limits and could lead to new types of electronic devices

zebrafish eye

The iris in the zebrafish has a distinctive crystal structure that both camouflages the eye and prevents unwanted light from entering

Ants and circuits

The physics of the attraction between two mirrors in a vacuum may lead to “lubrication” for electronic circuits 

Photons Stopped in Time

A new method of trapping single photons could bring quantum memory one step closer