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Quantum systems

Capturing a single photon from a pulse of light:

Weizmann Institute scientists single out individual photons

Game plans

Can a game with “quantum” rules beat the odds?

llustration of the photonic router the Weizmann Institute scientists created. At the center is the single atom (orange) that routes photons (yellow) in different directions

Weizmann Institute scientists take another step down the long road toward quantum computers

(l-r) Dr. Vladimir Umansky, Prof. Israel Bar-Joseph and Dr. Michael Stern

How can a hole become an atom-like particle that “flows”?

Drawing by Ron Weinstock, a student at the Henry Ronson ORT High School in Ashkelon

Machinery based on single atoms may be able to bend the laws of thermodynamics

Biological Molecules Select Their Spin
The finding that a biological molecule – DNA – can discern between quantum states known as spin could have relevance for both...
Prof. Amir Yacoby and Ph.D. students Merav Dolev and Sandra Foletti. Quantum states

A new approach may bring quantum computers one step closer

Prof. Gershon Kurizki

If you observe something in frequent "glimpses," can you freeze its motion? In the quantum world, you might actually speed it...