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Quantum physics

blue horizontal light on black background

Some of the fastest light pulses ever take on solid materials


New findings present a nuanced picture of electron flow in quantum states

Dudovich and group

A new approach to measuring electrons’ quantum states looks at the tail end of their escape 

electrons tunnel in protein

Uncovering quantum effects in the molecules in our bodies may lead to future biotech developments

Piece of the merge beam apparatus

In the realm of quantum physics, colliding molecules can react as balls or batons 

heat transfer in graphene

A nanothermometer is thousands of times better at detecting heat transfer at the atomic level

Prof. Victor L'vov and Dr. Anna Pomyalov

Electron flow at room temperature might be a dream come true

Drawing by Ron Weinstock, a student at the Henry Ronson ORT High School in Ashkelon

Machinery based on single atoms may be able to bend the laws of thermodynamics

All spin directions (represented by the spheres) collapse on one or the opposite direction depending on the measured photon polarization

Weizmann Institute researchers suggest one can affect an atom’s spin by...

The experimental system: two supersonic valves followed by two skimmers. The blue beam passes through a curved magnetic quadrupole guide, and the merged beam (purple) enters a quadrupole mass spectrometer. B is a front view of the quadrupole guide
A first at the Institute: chemical reactions at near absolute zero