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Rotem Sorek

Bacterial Booby Traps Revealed

Toxin-antitoxin gene pairs make a quick suicide mechanism for bacteria facing viral invasion

Electron micrograph of bacteriophages Image: Dr Graham Beards, Wikimedia Commons

The beneficial bacteria in our guts are open to attack from viruses

Drs. Rotem Sorek and Adi Stern. Bacteria's Achilles heel

Autoimmune disease in bacteria: The finding could lead to new kinds of antibiotics.

Dr. Silvio Pitlik

The day after retiring from medicine, Pitlik showed up in the lab of Prof. Rotem, Sorek

Upon infection, bacterial viruses (phages) release communication molecules that tell later phage generations whether it is preferable to attack their host cells or lie dormant

Viruses that infect bacteria communicate to coordinate infection

(l-r) Prof. Rotem Sorek, Maya Shamir and Daniel Dar

A Weizmann team find new RNA switches for antibiotic resistance

Dr. Rotem Sorek

Dr. Rotem Sorek was awarded the FEBS Anniversary Prize

Dr. Rotem Sorek

Dr. Rotem Sorek is the recipient of the Teva Founders Award for Young Scientists.

Dr. Rotem Sorek

Dr. Rotem Sorek was awarded the ISM Nili Rubinowitz-Grossman Prize for outstanding young scientist in the field of microbiology (2012)

Dr. Rotem Sorek. Reading between the lines
Dr. Rotem Sorek wants to turn microbial secrets to human advantage